Dental Procedures


Inlays & Onlays

Inlays can be thought of as a cross between a filling and a crown.  Unlike dental fillings, inlays (and outlays) like crowns need to be made in a dental laboratory.  If one or more cusps of a tooth require replacement due to damage or decay, the inlays extend to the tooth’s outer edge to replace the cusp and are then referred to as an onlay.






How Inlays Work

Replacing Silver Fillings

The old silver amalgam fillings are unaesthetic in appearance and there is a great deal of controversy about silver fillings that contain mercury.

Fitting the Inlay

Porcelain inlays have been used to replace silver restorations. They are created to replace the correct anatomy of the tooth.  In most cases, white fillings are also a suitable replacement to old silver restorations.

Final Restoration

The color of the porcelain inlay can be created to match the natural tooth color and with the bonding cements which are used, the inlay blends seamlessly with the tooth structure. The result is a beautiful, natural looking restoration.