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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is performed on teeth where the nerve tissue within the roots has deteriorated, creating an infection.  Root canal therapy can save a tooth whose pulp, which contains nerves and blood supply, is diseased or damaged. Treatment usually requires several office visits.


Root Canal – Initial Infection

Procedure - Molar





How a Healthy Tooth Looks

In a healthy tooth, the innermost pulp layer containing the nerves and blood vessels for the tooth is intact. This pulp tissue keeps the tooth vital.

When Dental Decay Causes Infection

Dental decay can cause the pulp tissue to die, creating toxic byproducts. An infectious process begins causing pain and pressure within the root, and eventually an abscess forms.

Removing the Pulp Tissue

The first step involves removing the pulp tissue. This is done through a small opening in the crown of the tooth. Using small files, the infectious debris is cleaned out of the canals. If you are experiencing severe pain from the tooth, this usually provides immediate relief.

Sealing the Canal

Once the pulp chamber and root canals have been cleaned and disinfected, medicine is placed in the tooth and it is temporarily sealed with a filling.  If severe infection is present, your dentist may leave the tooth open for several days to promote drainage. Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed to help control the infection.  The procedure is completed with a final restoration.